Monday, January 27, 2014

Phone Call from Cyberspace

Recently Marash Girl received a phone call from a woman who said that she had ordered a book from, but had received the wrong title.  Marash Girl asked her name, the title and the condition of the book which the woman had ordered.

After chatting for quite a while, the woman -- let us call her Miriam -- realized that she had found Marash Girl's invoice in the book, but that that invoice was dated 2007.  Apparently the fellow who had sold her the book had purchased the book from Marash Girl 7 years ago in new, very fine condition, that fellow had used the book (it was now very tattered) and sold it to Miriam without ever bothering to remove his original invoice.  This we learned after 15 minutes of attempting to unravel the mystery.

But the true mystery was this:  Why did the universe decide to bring these two folks together in a 15 minute conversation?

1 comment:

  1. The Mystery? Hmm. I think because you and Miriam -- let us call her "other" -- is a disguise of ourselves in the "otherness" of every person we meet on this journey called -- life. So, basically, you were talking with "yourself" for 15 minutes and "knew" it. As we often know, but we don't know that we know. Some pun intended here, but mostly none whatsoever.