Saturday, January 18, 2014


Stalinesque? Hitleresque?  A country that wants to join the European Union dares to pass a law that denies medical assistance unless the doctor first seeks and receives approval from the Turkish government?  A warrant for torture or death . . . and this law passes . . .   Call it  the  հրաման (permission, or worse, command)  to murder any who would dare save a life in the moment, who would dare care for the ailing without a phone call (a phone call?  In the middle of chaos?  In the middle of the street?)  A doctor can now be arrested by the police for  saving lives!

And what country is this? The country is known as Turkey to those of us who speak English.  Want to read more? If you had the today's New York Times, you'd have to search long and hard, as the article is lost in the middle of page A 5, an article written by Rick Gladstone and placed below the center fold, under the heading EUROPE (Marash Girl is assuming that the New York Times already sees Turkey as a part of the European Union!) But since you don't have the paper, Marash Girl will make it even easier for you to read the article.  Just click this link and weep.

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  1. A government mandated warrant for torture and death . . .