Friday, January 10, 2014

Looking for a book? Old? New? Out of Print? Check out OLDCORNERBOOKS.COM!

Recently a friend asked Marash Girl why Marash Girl never wrote about her online bookstore,, her 35,000 out of print books, her books housed both in her Victorian home as well as in her warehouse which was once a train depot in Newton Corner!  Marash Girl has not mentioned her bookstore because she did not want this blog to become commercial -- these posts were a break from commercial for her --  but since her friend asked, here it is: a link to her online bookstore of over 35,000 books, just waiting for a new home . . . curious?  Just click

And tomorrow Marash Girl will reprint a copy of an article published in the Armenian Mirror Spectator about how her bookstore came into being, an article written by a Radcliffe classmate, now deceased, an article that will give all of her readers another peek into the past!


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