Friday, January 17, 2014

What Can I Bring? Part Two

Little did Marash Girl realize when she wrote her blog post  entitled "What Can I Bring?" 
(see that there was a cookbook by that very title for sale at (It's true -- check it out!)  Now all Marash Girl has to do when she invites folks to dinner and they ask her that age old question . . . all she has to do  is to tell them to check out Anne Byrn's cookbook and choose from over 200 delicious options.  They'd have to buy the book from first, of course, in order to make their selection . . . or they could always check the book out of the library, if that is their preference.  Why, this cookbook actually has a recipe for spanaklu boerek, (Armenian spinach turnover), a favorite of Marash Girl's family, though in Byrn's book the dish is called Spinach and Feta Pie.  So don't ask Marash Girl what you can bring next time you're coming to visit; just choose anything from this cookbook; it'll do fine.

[Of course Marash Girl's mother Jennie NEVER would ask such a question.  She would simply bring the whole meal -- that is, the whole meal if she had been invited to a non-Armenian home for dinner!]


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