Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"What can I bring?"

Marash Girl has to laugh at how many times she has heard this conversation play over the last week--either on a telephone call to herself, in person, or listening in on a conversation being played out on a friend's cell phone . . .

The possibilities offered are always endless . . . and Marash Girl's answer, she being a snob when it comes to cooking . . . is always, "Just bring yourself!"

Of course, playing in the back of her mind is her father's admonition (which she dares not repeat to her friends), "Don't ask, just bring!"


  1. even more to the point, do not just bring yourself, bring an appetite, not just for the food, but for the celebration of bonhomie, of everything good and sweet, the fruit of the earth and the hand of God's blessing. Now, That is an appetite.

  2. i remember, as well, that strange question. it always struck me as odd. if what was brought was the hand of one's own doing, rather than something bought, than it really did not matter what was brought. the question always triggered an aha in me, that the person asking the question was hoping for the right answer, to wit: nothing but yourself.
    have you ever considered the fact that giving requires an open hand, which is precisely the same that is required if one is to be receiving. giving and receiving require an open heart as manifested in the open hand. oh, no, polonius, oh no.