Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday To You from all of us AND all of the wait staff at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum!

The first snow of the season was falling this morning (if you look hard , you can see tiny white spots which are not a dirty camera lens, but real snow), snow appearing, no doubt, to celebrate the birthday of Marash Girl's first child!

To have a real opera singer sing happy birthday to you in the crowded restaurant of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum -- that tops all!
Trinidadian born tenor, Roland Mills, just returning from a performance in New York City, stops all conversation in the lunchroom of the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum as he sings his operatic versions of
 Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!


  1. I, too, have fond memories of the isabella stuart gardner museum. following the return from my sojourn to Munich, a long respite from the clanging culture of middle earth, i would visit the museum, often. it was the shortest and quickest route back to europe and my memories of a thousand year culture bound up in tapestries, baroque opera, grand opera, chamber orchestras, private concerts in castles at lakeside, men in armor, the aristocratic mien, wandering knights, and of course, the fair damsel. it is the fair damsel that Nisha's presence in the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum that completes the mystery of the time and place capsule, the window in time of the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. like all fair damsels, and there are few, her grace and beauty and bon vivant, is not locked in a tower, but has taken root on the earth to bless all those who know and love her.

    1. What a lovely and sweet comment from Uncle James!!