Saturday, November 16, 2013

A look back at the Boston Book Festival . . . And at RH, books readied to be burned

Copley Square & Trinity Church on the second day of the Boston Book Festival ( October 17-19, 2013).
 On the steps of the Boston Public Library:  Bob Oakes of WBUR, and a presenter at the Boston Book Festival,  greets Marash Girl

Bob Oakes of WBUR with his wife at the entrance to the Boston Public Library

Shahan Mufti autographs his first book, THE FAITHFUL SCRIBE, after his presentation at the Boston Book Festival.

Small publishers' stalls were arrayed around Copley Square, providing hope for the yet unpublished writer!

An old timer rests in front of one of the publisher's stalls.

AND ACROSS BOYLSTON STREET, AT RH,  the contemporary coffee table book?  Tear off the covers and the spine, leaving the title page showing, and tying them up with brown twine -- 

What's that?  Looks like kindling to me!  But on closer look . . . 
Books with covers and spines removed, rolled up
and readied for . . . 

What happened to these books?  Are they fodder for the fire?

Was this some kind of a joke?  What interior designer came up with the idea of using books for kindling?

Will Wikipedia have to add RH's contemporary decor to its list of book-burning incidents?


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