Friday, November 22, 2013


Do you remember where you were at the moment of the tragic news of JFK's assassination? Marash Girl does, as do the 33 other folks who were with her listening to the unexpected crackling of the never before heard from PA system . . .

May God rest his soul . . .


  1. I was three, and I remember that SOMETHING happened!

  2. what i remember is the tearful rendition of the Beethoven 3rd (the eroica) symphony, that the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra performed at Sanders Theatre, virtually sight reading the piece. Czech born, Henry Swoboda, was the conductor of HRO at the time, and I, as principal second violinist, sat directly in front of him, always wondering whether he was going to topple over on me, as his pedestrian gait on the podium was ever a precarious one.