Monday, November 11, 2013

Advice on Wholistic Medicine at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston this afternoon, Marash Girl had the opportunity to reminisce with one of the guards about the room in which they were standing -- the room in which, many years ago, she had taken her little girls to listen to early music concerts, walking them to the front of the room (much to the consternation of the ushers who feared, of course that 2 and a half and 4 year old would disrupt the concert -- Marash Girl had to assure the ushers (or was it usher the assurers?) that her daughters were perfect and would be too busy watching and listening to create any havoc whatsoever . . .  of course Marash Girl was right! ] The little girls . . . Marash Girl's little girls . . . were able to hear the early music  and see the early music instruments and musicians creating the music --  all without craning their necks -- How the conversation went from there to wholistic medicine is unclear, but it did . . . and Marash Girl found herself talking to the guard about her father's memory of healing infected wounds by placing moldy bread on the open wound.  (See  It was than that the young guard, a musician himself and a believer in wholistic medicine added to Marash Girl's store of knowledge for healing infected wounds.  He instructed, "You can use coffee grounds, too . . . or place maggots into the wound!"  Marash Girl wondered what her father Peter would have to say about that!


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