Wednesday, November 13, 2013

John Travolta in movie shoot for THE FORGER: Newton, Massachusetts, Marash Girl's neighborhood!

"This work is all about Hurry up, Hurry up, wait!" commented one of the crew.

Commonplace in Pasadena, California, this film shoot was a rarity for Newton residents as it took place in a house on Churchill Street between Crafts and Broadway Streets in Nonantum, a village of Newton, Massachusetts. Earlier in the week, the crew had filmed at the MFA (see Boston Globe for coverage of that shoot).  Joking around as she is wont to do, Marash Girl asked the crew if they were serving coffee.  Oh, no! they answered.  It might be poisoned! They apparently thought that Marash Girl was asking if the neighborhood was serving them coffee . . . but what did they have to fear? Why would anyone in Newton, Massacnusetts, want to poison a filming crew which included John Travolta, or any other movie star, for that matter?

Groupie from neighborhood waits in hopes of catching a glimpse of John Travolta!

"I'm Dr. Phil," this man announced facetiously to the groupie!
"Take my picture!"

John Travolta's trailer protected by muscle and Newton's finest.

Travolta's trailer on right parked on street in front of Newton home.

Filming took place inside the house on Churchill Street after darkness settled in.

Day Junior High School boys and Groupie watch in hopes that 
Travolta will emerge from the house.
Neighborhood groupie, laughing out loud, reports to Marash Girl,
"This is the first time a movie star has ever put his arm around me!" [Photo Credit: M. Aytekin]
Newton policeman on detail guards the house in which the filming is being done.  The luck of the draw, he said.  The junior high school boys kept asking him what he would do if they walked up the stairs of the house where the shoot was taking place.  "Nothing," he said.  "I don't have to; there's security right inside that door!"
Although John Travolta did not talk to the Globe reporter when on the set at the MFA, he did hug the woman who asked him for a photo yesterday in Nonantum; he actually posed for the camera with the one admirer who had had the fortitude to wait, and the voice loud enough to call to him as he left his trailer to walk to the shoot.  Apparently the Newton policeman guarding Travolta's trailer had forced the woman to keep her distance, but the woman had had the courage to call to Travolta as he emerged from his hideaway, and Travolta had had the kindness to grant that long awaited photo.  (See above.)  The filming took place several blocks from Marash Girl's alma mater, Frank Ashley Day Junior High School!


  1. now all you have to do is ask Travolta for the next dance.

  2. Travolta looks calmer and kinder than in any film i have ever seen him. perhaps he is maturing and gaining humility? Naw, he must have been trying to 'remain in character for the film'. After all, he is a professional, which is why he did not speak when the photo was taken.

  3. Who's the gawchis babe with the movie star dude??

  4. Is that really you and JohnT?? Did he get kicked out of his house? Is he living in yours??

  5. awesome Marash girl!
    Lucky you!

  6. They've torn down the house where they shot these scenes.

    1. It was good enough for Hollywood, but not good enough for Newton, I guess!