Friday, January 9, 2015

May God Give You Brains!

Yesterday, sitting in a sunny window at Whole Foods drinking a cup of coffee, Marash Girl watched the world of Whole Foods pass her by.  Among that world was a man carrying an armful of flowers, the man and the flowers unprotected by even the lightest of plastic, carrying the flowers into the zero degree fahrenheit weather of a New England winter afternoon.

"You'd better get a paper bag to cover those blooms," Marash Girl suggested to this stranger.

But stranger than strange was this stranger when he answered, "But I'm only going across the way to my car."  

"But your flowers . . . " Marash Girl stuttered.

"I'm only going across the way to my car," reiterated the strange stranger, who either knew nothing about flowers, knew nothing about zero degree weather in New England, or knew nothing. . .

This was one occasion where Marash Girl wished the man knew Turkish.  She would have said to him (Marash Boy's favorite expression from Marash):

"May God give me money, you . . . brains!"  Allah beni para ver, seni akīl


  1. Love must teach me how to pronounce it!!

  2. Perhaps he was fleeing with the flowers and had never paid for them . . . Wouldn't the florist herself have insisted on protecting her merchandise?