Friday, January 2, 2015

Too spicy? Try an orange

Riding on a train in Thailand, a friend had been eating Thai food which turned out to be the spiciest of spicy; his mouth was burning, tears rolling down his cheeks.  The Thai woman sitting across from him with her 6  kids, cut an orange in half, reached across, handing the orange half to him,  motioning for him to eat the orange.  Desperate, he followed her suggestion.  Like magic, the burning disappeared, as did his tears.

Thankfully, he "passed it on" these many years later  (not the same orange, of course) when, on New Year's Eve, Marash Girl had eaten the spiciest of spicy Chinese soups she had ever tasted in her life and he, telling his own tale of mouth burn, ran to the bowl of oranges, cut one in half and handed it to Marash Girl, insisting that she eat the orange, promising that the burn would disappear.  Like magic, Marash Girl's mouth returned to normal.

Marash Girl is "passing it on", and would ask that her readers do the same.  
The tongue you save may be your own!

1 comment:

  1. The oranges really do work.
    I ate some kimshi-tourshi the other day…
    Got the hot-searing tourshi burn…
    Ran to the bowl in the front hall closet and
    At one of those oranges.
    It works instantly!