Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Crucifix Marks The Fountain of Zeitoun (Zeytun, Zeitun)

Zeytun Historical Drinking Fountain - Photo taken August 2014?
Suleymanlı - Zeytun tarihi içme suyu çeşmesi ve evleri
Suleymanlı - Zeitun

The fountain is assumed to be about 400 years old.
"Zeitun grand fountain, a three-arched, three-spring fountain (assumed to be about 400 years old), is adorned with symbols of eternity."
Photo Courtesy of Bir Zamanlar Marash (Facebook)

"There is a mark on one side of the fountain which is made by whom. ( I can not advise where the mark is, not to exterminate treasure hunter.) . . . a crucifix on the fountain."

Remembering the courageous Armenians of Zeitoun who once, no doubt, drank from this fountain . . . they gave their lives for their people . . . .  Marash Girl wonders if the "mark" is in Armenian . . . 


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