Friday, June 19, 2015

Lighthouse on the Mind

Marash Girl has always wanted a house on the beach, but instead she got 1) a house on the Connecticut River, and later 2) a cabin on top of Wilbraham Mountain.  But never her dream, so she began to create her dream on the green buffet (better known as the Green Monster) that sat facing anyone that entered the cabin.  She collected miniature lighthouses from  the yard sales in Wilbraham -- from folks who had been to the Cape, purchased a lighthouse, brought it back to their Wilbraham home, and realized that it had no meaning there.  But it had meaning for Marash Girl, as she gathered her lighthouses and placed them on the top of the buffet in the cabin at the top of Wilbraham Mountain.  Even there, her dream was not to be, as the tornado of June 1, 2011, took the cabin, lighthouses and all.  Not to be daunted, once again, Marash Girl has begun collecting lighthouses and has placed them in the  corner of her Newton Corner kitchen.  She's still hoping for a place at the beach, but whether or not that ever becomes a reality, she has her lighthouses!

1 comment:

  1. Lots of beauty, and symbolism, there. I will start looking out for items to offer for your collection!