Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Family Welcomes Dylan Marie on June 9, 2015

Deron and Meghan, the proud parents, celebrating the night before the birth.
Waiting . . . 

"Tuesday's child is full of grace. . ."

Dylan Marie, at the age of 2 hours, greets her grandparents with open eyes 
as her father wheels her to her room.

Proud Daddy Deron introduces his beautiful daughter,
Dylan Marie, to the world.
Dylan Marie, born on Tuesday,  June 9, 2015, at 9:37 AM,
New York Presbyterian Hospital, Lower Manhattan
This photo by Dylan Marie's Uncle Clint on the afternoon of her birth.

"Beautiful Dreamer"

Auntie holding Dylan Marie says, "Karoun -- this is just how you looked when you were born!"

You are my sunshine . . . so sang Nisha and Marash Girl as they cuddled little Dylan Marie on her first day in this world.  Dylan Marie snuggled in and listened happily, listened happily, that is, until Marash Girl began harmonizing, at which point Dylan Marie started screaming.  As soon as Marash Girl joined Nisha in the chorus (sans harmony), Dylan Marie stopped crying and cuddled up; but when Marash Girl began to harmonize again, Dylan Marie began bawling; once again, when Marash Girl stopped the harmonizing, and sang in chorus with Nisha, Dylan Marie stopped her sobbing and listened contentedly.  

Amazing, but Dylan Marie appears to have perfect pitch, even at the tender age of one day!     

Աչքներդ լույս լինի. Մորով ու հորով մեծանա.


  1. Please say MAZEL TOV to the proud parents for me!!!!!

  2. Beautiful child, and a sensitive ear to boot. Congratulations to all.

  3. I got the news from Marashtsi girl and Deron directly. What a beautiful bundle of joy, who thrusted Deron and Meghan into fatherhood and motherhood, and you two into grandparenthood, albeit third time over. May the child grow healthy with her parents, in Lord's blessing and good fortune. That is how old Marashtsis expressed their congratulatory wishes in a happy occasion like this.

    Ara & Karen

    1. Ana ilan, baba ilan

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations!

    Susan and Arthur

  5. Wow! Deron and Meghan that is wonderful news, and still amazing to see the cycle of life at work..

    I see you are starting sexual stereotyping early ("I'm a Girl" sign, it's a joke!...)

    Dylan Marie looks beautiful and lovely, which is her job right now, and you guys look great. Congratulations to you and welcome to Dylan Marie.

    I hope you are reading this...