Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two Oaks, Two Stories

From mountain top to ocean side the mighty oak prevails.

 Only 200 years old, Edgartown's White Oak on Fuller Street, Edgartown, 
opposite the back entrance to the Harbor View Inn.

So that no one could ever say that there was no room at the inn, the Harbor View in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard decided to expand, but in order to expand, it had to cut down an Edgartown  landmark:  its mighty white oak.  Luckily the Inn's back door neighbor decided to save the oak and by hiring a special ferry, was able to transport a crane from "America" to the Vineyard, in order to save the mighty oak, transporting it by crane across the street to his front yard on Fuller Street, and there it stands, the 200 year old white oak of Edgartown.

On Wilbraham Mountain, a mighty white oak stood guarding the mountain top.  It was there that Uncle Levon Charkoudian would rest, read and picnic when he was healing in the 1920's.  And it was there that the Charkoudians began to picnic as a family, and there that the white oak graced the front yard of the Charkoudian family cabin until, one day, of its own accord, the 300 year old white oak fell, and soon after (ten years later), the tornado took down the Charkoudian family cabin and the rest of the trees on Wilbraham Mountain.


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