Monday, June 29, 2015

Eggs Benedict à la Marash Martha

Marash Martha writes again.  To make poached eggs or "eggs benedict" even better than any restaurant, just add a droplet of white vinegar and a droplet of olive oil to your simmering water; crack an egg (one at a time) into a pyrex cup and slide the egg (one at a time) from the cup into a slotted cup or spoon which is in the simmering water, the spoon having been previously rubbed over with olive oil (that will assist in helping the egg to keep its shape,) placing the egg which is still in the slotted spoon or slotted cup for 3 minutes (or longer depending on how firm you like your egg) in the shallow simmering water.  Before you begin this process, get a slice of provolone cheese, put it over some nice ever so slightly warmed freshly sliced bread of your choice (my favorite is organic raisin nut bread); when the provolone is slightly melted over the bread,  serve the poached egg over the melted cheese over the bread.  Enjoy this delicious version of eggs "benedict" sans sauce!


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