Monday, June 15, 2015

Lost your keys? Try this!

From Marash Girl's Sister-In-Law, store manager:

A very nice older gentleman was in the store.  For some reason I must have shared with him my frustration that I had lost the keys to the store.  He suggested that, in order to find the keys,  I use the phrase that had always worked for him.  Knowing I would not remember to word my search request exactly as he said it, I asked him if he would please write it down. 

“Infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind reveal the (Name the item) that I am looking for." 

The quote above is exactly what he wrote down for me on a GNC register slip many years ago. The phrase has never failed me. I have kept the slip of paper on which he wrote the magic words.  I have referred to it many times and imagine I will again in the future.

Have you tried it?  Did you find what was missing?


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