Thursday, December 29, 2011


Among the favorite salads at our Christmas Eve party EVERY YEAR is Marash Girl's adaptation of a recipe handed down by Shamiram Barooshian who brought the recipe with her as she escaped genocide almost 100 years ago.

If it weren't for Shamiram, Marash Girl would have no quick and luscious treat to serve the vegan members of the family.

Marash Girl rinses a pound of dried chick peas and soaks the chick peas overnight. The next day, she drains and rinses the soaked chick peas, covers them with cool water, and simmers them for 1 hour, after which the chick peas should be strained & refrigerated. When she doesn't have the time to use dried chickpeas, Marash Girl starts with a one gallon can of chick peas (yes, this is a staple for her vegan family members and a favorite of everyone else), rinses the canned chick peas thoroughly under cool, clear water and places the chick peas in a large bowl.  Whether using the canned or the home cooked chick peas, she then pours good olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a good wine vinegar in which a garlic clove has been marinating (always a staple in Marash Girl's kitchen), Kosher salt and Armenian (Aintab) red pepper and leaves the combination to marinate for an hour, or overnight.  Just before serving, she adds  lots of freshly chopped Italian parsley (including the finely chopped stems)  & freshly chopped scallions or chives.  This delicious salad is ready to serve within the hour and if refrigerated, will keep for days . . . that is, if it isn't finished the day you serve it!


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