Thursday, December 15, 2011

Red Cabbage Salad . . . Especially for Chris Metz

If recipes aren't made in heaven, perhaps delicious food is, at the least, blessed.  So winging it one Christmas, Marash Girl created a never before tasted or seen salad.  Here is Marash Girl's recipe for Red Cabbage Salad.

Remove outer leaves and quarter a small head of red cabbage. (Small insures tender leaves.)
Cut the cabbage into quarters, rinse under cold water, drain, and remove core.
Thinly slice or shred the quartered cabbage.

Salad dressing:

Tamari (ONLY the naturally brewed tamari soy sauce such as SAN-J that can be purchased at all natural food stores; the other 'stuff' that you must absolutely avoid, popular commercial 'soy sauce', is composed primarily of salt and caramel food coloring with lots of preservatives!)
Olive Oil (good and fresh)
Wine vinegar (i.e. a good red wine vinegar that has had a peeled clove of garlic marinating in it for a while)

Don't even try this recipe if you don't have a good Tamari.

That's it.  Now don't ask Marash Girl how much of each ingredient.    Taste it and you decide.  Better  to start with less and add more than the other way around, right? And no, Marash Girl DOES NOT add salt, pepper or Aintab red pepper to this salad!

The great thing about Red Cabbage Salad is that it tastes better the longer it sits, so you don't have to feel guilty when you make it the day before your event.

Whenever Marash Girl makes this salad, she makes it with Christopher Metz in mind. He loved Marash Girl's red cabbage salad so much that he got to take home all the leftovers (if there ever were any)!  Unforunately, this salad won't survive a trip to Thailand. . .


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