Monday, December 5, 2011

The honor system works in New York City!

Called Select Bus Service, this new form of trust is currently available in Manhattan only on the M15 line (this is the bus route with the most riders of any one bus route in the MTA; it runs along the east side of Manhattan from Harlem to the Staten Island Ferry terminal).  In an effort to find ways to make bus service run more smoothly, the MTA decided to introduce a system that allows riders to pay before they board a bus.  That way, the riders can use any of the three doors (older buses have only two doors) to board.  This cuts down on waiting time for every rider to pay at the front before the bus can continue along its route.  Of course, this manner of payment is an honor system of sorts.  Prepayment gives the rider a receipt which is to be shown on demand if asked for proof of payment on the bus.  The penalty for 'non-payment' is $110.  I've never seen anyone asked nor have I been asked to show proof of payment, and I ride that bus at least twice a week.  I think the MTA hopes to expand this service to other lines, and has in fact, instituted a similar system on one of the crosstown buses.

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