Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tortellini Salad a la Marash Girl

Here's a very quick and very easy salad that Marash Girl first made a few years ago at Karoun's high school graduation party -- their very own invention:  Tortellini Salad, and if it were not for the wonderful offerings at Costco, the combination would never have occurred to us!  Here it is in all of its festive glory.

1 large bag of all natural, no preservatives, frozen cheese tortellini
1 quart bottle of marinated artichoke hearts
1 quart bottle of peeled whole fire roasted red peppers in water (NOT PICKLED)
Boil fresh water in large pan, toss in still frozen tortellini, simmer until al dente. Carefully strain and discard water.

While the tortellini is simmering, strain and RESERVE the marinade from the artichoke hearts to use for dressing.  Quarter the artichokes. Put aside. 
Strain the water from the pimento peppers and discard that water.  Thinly slice the red peppers.  (If you prefer, thinly sliced sun dried tomatoes may be substituted for red peppers.)
While the tortellini is still warm, add the marinade from the artichoke hearts, the quartered artichokes, and the thinly sliced red peppers.  Toss carefully so as not to damage the integrity of any of the ingredients.  Adjust seasoning to taste by adding sparingly any of the following:  kosher salt, a good olive oil, red wine vinegar in which has been marinating a garlic clove. Refrigerate before serving.

Easy, quick, festive, and delicious!  This dish will be featured tonight at the family's annual Christmas Eve Open House.  Merry Christmas to all . . .


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