Sunday, December 4, 2011

A BOOK ON ARMENIAN NAMES? A Book that makes a Perfect Gift

Want to give your soon to be born child/grandchild/greatgrandchild an Armenian name but don't know many?  Consider ordering ARMENIANS' NAMES, a book compiled in the 1970's by Martha Bilezikian Atikian (daughter of Armenian parents from Marash and Aintep)  and Hagop Atikian (an Armenian who immigrated to the United States from Kessab, Syria).  Completely in English, ARMENIANS' NAMES lists boys' names and girls' names alphabetically, and gives their meanings, and yes, all in English.  The compilation is fascinating and the brand new, out of print book, a perfect gift for couples about to have a baby.  Just go to, and fill in the search block with the last name of the author and/or the title of the book.  Ordering information will appear soon thereafter.

The book ARMENIANS' NAMES is the perfect anytime anywhere gift. 

Giving a child an Armenian name is a gift that lasts forever.

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  1. This book is wonderful and the best kept secret --- the authors never advertise --- four stars out of 4!