Sunday, December 11, 2011

Losh Kebab (Armenian Hamburgers) - 2.5 variations on a theme

 Oh, to cook on the fireplace on top of  Wilbraham Mountain
In Marash Girl's family, a favorite way of preparing hamburgers (traditionally made with ground lamb, but often made with part lamb and part beef, or simply ground beef) is to mix the ground meat with kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, Aintab red pepper, and lots of finely chopped Italian parsley -- the flat leaf variety (Marash Girl stops there but Marash Boy prefers to add 100% all natural soy tamari in place of the seasonings mentioned above).  In addition to the parsley and seasonings, Grandma Jennie and Medzmama added finely chopped onions, finely chopped green peppers, and tomato paste.  Whatever you decide to add to your ground meat, mix well with your CLEAN hands and shape into patties or shape into hot dog shapes onto a skewer; cook under broiler or over gas grill, or better yet, over a charcoal grill or an open fire.

     The Armenians call this meal Losh Kebab or simply Losh, and often serve it in pideh bread with lots of pervaz for garnish. (Remember? Finely chopped fresh parsley, fresh green peppers, and fresh scallions tossed together.)

     Take Marash Girl's word for it:  Losh Kebab is deLOSHous!


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