Monday, December 26, 2011

Asian treats on the day after Christmas

For Christmas, Marash Girl asked for a day trip to an unknown place, a place (or places) she had never been to before, and lunch or dinner again in a place she had never eaten before. Little did she know that her adventure would begin today right around the corner from the family's Christmas gathering place (thanks to Nisha's hospitality) in Burlington, Massachusetts!  With most of the family headed for the Boston Museum of Science, Marash Girl and Karoun headed around the block to #3 Old Concord Road in Burlington -- and what's there? Surprise!  H Mart . . . an oriental supermarket as large as any Marash Girl has frequented.  And what a treat!  Look at a display in the fruit and vegetable aisle.
Fresh mandarin oranges, leaves and all!
Before beginning our tour of the market, we decided to stop for a freshly baked oriental pastry and tea.  Sitting in the food court,  we noticed a big pot of steaming soup on the table behind us.  Soon the soup was joined by the chef (who had prepared it) and his kitchen assistants. As the chef began ladling out the soup,  Marash Girl commented, That looks delicious! How do you make it?  As he shared his recipe, the chef  allowed me to take a photo of his soup, though not of himself:  just put miso in water with tofu and fresh vegetables!  But be careful not to put TOO much miso, he added, as he pointed the way to the quarts of miso paste along the back wall!  Marash Girl can't wait to try it -- she'll add Chinese broccoli when she makes this soup!
Before leaving, Karoun (note the cup of coffee she's clutching in her right hand)  checked out the elegant display of roots for making oriental  teas. She found the long sought after licorice root but no wild orchid.  What she didn't know was that licorice root tea used to be Marash Girl's favorite!