Friday, July 20, 2012

Diamond Sue's Iced Herbal Tea

With the heat that New England has been experiencing (95 degrees fahrenheit every day, down to 85 at night, with high humidity), who wouldn't want a glass of iced tea. . . but then, who would want to light the burner on the stove to heat up the water (and the kitchen)?   Diamond Sue had the answer . . .

Put four individual sized bags of herbal tea (a combination of chamomile with orange, raspberry zinger, and peppermint would be a good start -- the raspberry gives it good color, the peppermint a bit of zing) into a 2 quart bottle (be sure you remove the tags from the teabags first), fill the bottle with fresh water and place it in the refrigerator overnight.  

Delicious, isn't it?  No heating up  the kitchen by boiling water.  A bit reminiscent of sun tea -- remember that fad?  But no caffeine, and no gimmicky sun tea bottle required!

Test the various combinations and see which combo you like best . . .  The taste treats are unending, and refreshingly free of calories!


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