Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Don't ask; just bring."

Whenever Marash Girl (or her mother, for that matter) would ask guests if they would like something to eat or drink, Peter, Marash Girl's father, a survivor of the Armenian genocide, would say, "Don't ask; just bring."  To this day, Marash Girl reminds herself of this lesson.  And why the lesson?  Peter was taught,
"When they ask you if you'd like something to eat, refuse the first two times; if they don't ask the third time, don't accept."  Thus his chiding, "Don't ask, just bring."  "Many a time,"  Peter told Marash Girl, "I wished they would have asked for the third time.  They never did."
Not having learned her lesson, Marash Girl always offers Marash Boy refreshment more than once.  Marash Boy always gets annoyed and replies, "I already told you I don't want any."


  1. as smart as marash boy is he never learned to repeat the refusal three times, quickly, to obviate the necessity of being asked two more times.

  2. That's always a very complicated social ritual and dance. I do like the "Don't ask, just bring," and I'll use it!