Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Phalanx of Flies

The hero of this tale: "10 with one blow!"
Expecting a first time meeting with a cousin that she had never met, Marash Girl went about straightening and dusting and setting a table with iced tea and cake.  All was in order, and the hour her cousin was to arrive was at hand.  On a last check, Marash Girl looked up at the kitchen windows, and to her horror there along the top edge of the window was a phalanx of flies -- literally hundreds of flies lined up all in a row.  Not one was flying about.  They were all just sitting there.  Horrified, Marash Girl reached for the fly swatter, something she never would have had were it not for her sister who had hand carried a hand-tooled wooden handled leather fly swatter all the way back from Helsinki, Finland, as a memento to be cherished (although Marash Girl noticed yesterday that  'Made in China' was clearly marked at the base of the handle)!  Luckily Marash Girl had cherished it and placed it in her kitchen next to the very window that was the home of hundreds of newly born flies.  Out came the fly swatter, and the massacre of the flies began.  At least a hundred were massacred on that day.  Flies began zooming around the kitchen, dining room and living room for the next three days, interrupting conversations, interrupting meals, interrupting writing!  Finally, today, after three days, Marash Girl seems to have conquered the invasion of the flies. . . time will tell.   But whether or not her cousin will ever return is yet to be seen.

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  1. philip of macedon, father of the great alexander, crushed the greek phalanx by the use of superior tactics and design of his own phalanx. you now have joined the ranks of the first and most exalted phalanx killer, philip of macedon. is it possible that marash boy/girl's son will issue forth as marash son, the great, or was his adolescence wasted on arts other than martial, other than the art of phalanx swatter?