Monday, July 16, 2012

Provincetown and the Bears, Part One

Diamond Sue and Marash Girl set out for Provincetown, their annual adventure, but this year it was during Bear Week -- not a week  celebrating the black bear that was heading back to Provincetown from  Western Massachusetts and was caught in a tree in Brookline . . . read on!
Stopping at her favorite patisserie (PB Boulangerie Bistro at 15 Lecount Hollow Road in South Wellfleet,Cape Cod, Massachusetts), posing next to her (borrowed) motorcycle, and obediently getting in line at the Bistro (the food is so good that there is ALWAYS a line there), Diamond Sue, after learning that the guys in front of her were tourists, commented, "You guys should definitely not miss Bear Week in Provincetown." One of the fellows quipped, "Hopefully there'll be a few gazelles among the bears!"
Fast forward an hour.  Diamond Sue and Marash Girl had just arrived in the public parking lot in Provincetown, and what should they spy but the two fellows they had met in Wellfleet, now on bikes, presumably looking for gazelles.  Diamond Sue screeched on the brakes, hopped out of her car, and headed directly over to our now friends calling, hey, we never got a picture of you at the bakery!  (Susan was never taught that hay is for horses and better for cows. . . or maybe she never said hey, and Marash Girl is just creating this scene. . . ")

 So take photos they did (see above), but that was long before they met up with the bears and the (one) gazelle!

To be continued . . .


  1. I haven't been in P.Town in about 45 years. Hy father's friend Lester Heller and his family settled there. Lester and Adele bought the Provincetown Play House where Eugene O'Neil's plays were performed in the 1920s. The play house was burned by vandals, and then they had dreams of building a new play house which never materialized. Lester's daughter Julie runs the Julie Heller Gallery in what was the box office.Is the surplus store still there, near McMillan Wharf? M.P.

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