Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tasha Tudor and the Microwave

Tasha Tudor, long loved illustrator of children's books, has been a favorite of children and their parents for many a decade.  Even so for Marash Girl.  And so, many years ago, when Marash Girl found a signed copy of Tasha Tudor's FIRST GRACES (published in 1955), she was more than delighted.  But the book had suffered some adversity over the years, and when removed from the shelf this last week, was a bit musty.  Not to worry.  Marash Girl knew the microwave would freshen the book up!  But this was a tiny book, no more than 4.5x3x.25 inches.  So to be careful was of the essence.  (Yes, reader, did you know that the microwave kills must and mildew, but the process must be done with much care.)  And even though Marash Girl understood how careful she must be, after she put the book through the microwave for the first 30 seconds, the vaguest whiff of must was still present.  She knew not to put such a tiny book on for more than 30 seconds at a time, she knew, but she went in the face of her knowledge and hit the 1 minute button on the microwave!  And guess what happened . . . what happens whenever we don't pay attention to what we know to be right! 


  1. book burning, eh?

  2. oh dear - and I too love Tasha Tudor but I was told her books can't be reprinted because of copyright issues and her children won't let it happen - hoping to increase their value?
    my cousin lives in Marblehead on the water in what was Tasha Tudor's childhood home before her parents divorced - one time she was driven by in a limo and watched from the road but wouldn't come in when invited
    I treasure particularly The Night Before Christmas and Snow White
    and wish I could buy for my grandchildren