Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deron found his note! (with a nod to Nasreddin Hodja)

Deron, as the proverbial best man,  always tells (at the weddings of his best friends) the traditional tale of Nasreddin Hodja playing the violin.  Today, Marash Girl retells that story in honor of Deron's good news!

Nasreddin Hodja often sat in the marketplace playing his violin. He would always play the same note on his violin, over and over again.  Every time folks passed him in the marketplace, they would find  Nasreddin Hodja, and yes, never would it vary; he would be playing his violin,  playing the same note over and over again.  Finally, a passerby stopped and said to the Hodja, "Hodja, every time I come to the marketplace, you are playing your violin, but unlike the other  "chalgujus",  you always play the same note, over and over again.  Why is that?"  The Hodja looked up at the passerby, paused, and answered, "I have found my note; the others are still looking for theirs!"

Congratulations, Deron, on having found your note, and such a lovely note at that!


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