Friday, January 11, 2013

Grandma Jennie's Armenian Flag

Grandma Jennie's Armenian Flag:  Garmir, Gabouyd, Narinchakouyn.
Marash Girl's young 'uns attended the AGBU Armenian Elementary School in Watertown, Massachusetts, where they learned to speak, read and write Armenian, sing the Hayr Mer (հայր մեր )(The Lord's Prayer in Armenian) and appreciate the  troshag (դրոշակ), the tricolor, the Եռագույն, the Armenian Flag.  Knowing how important the colors of the flag were to her grandchildren, Grandma Jennie, who had been crocheting afghans for her tornigs, added to the ends of each blue crocheted afghan, her crocheted version of the Armenian flag: Garmir կարմիր (red), Gabouyd կապույտ (blue), Narinchakouyn Նարնջագույնը (orange).  The afghans were lost in the mists of time until, this past December, going through bags of bedding that had been neatly stored away, Marash Girl came upon Grandma Jennie's Armenian Flag, the crocheted afghans which would soon be returned to their rightful owners, her tornigs.

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  1. And it was so warm! It's the way Grandma continues to hug and care for us even many years after her death.