Friday, January 4, 2013

Highlights of Armenian History

James G. Mandalian, HIGHLIGHTS OF ARMENIAN HISTORY. Boston, Hairenik Press, 1938.
Above is pictured the title page of a rare volume of Armenian history published in English in 1938, in the midst of the depression, by the Hairenik Press in Boston, Massachusetts. Written by James G. Mandalian, then full-time editor of the Hairenik Weekly, this copy is available for sale at[Research uncovered the interesting fact that the very stories that initially brought William Saroyan national recognition by the American public were first published under the pseudonym Sirak Goryan in the Hairenik Weekly, the English language Armenian newspaper.]

Above: "King Levon I - The strongest king of the Rubenian Dynasty under whose reign Lesser Armenia reached its greatest territorial extent."
In Marash Girl's childhood alone, there were so many Levons:  Uncle Levon Apovian, Uncle Levon Bilezikian, Uncle Levon Bablouzian, Uncle (Dr.) Levon Daghlian, and on and on . . . and no wonder, if you read the caption on the image above!

Of all of the details of Armenian history listed in Highlights of Armenian History, on the last page, (the index) is circled in pencil, "King Levon  I, page 38", and one can guess who may have circled this and why, as the book came from the family of none other than Marash Boy!

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  1. What a lovely book! Are you really sure you want to sell it? This may be a keeper...