Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Christmas Tree that Fought Back!

Ow --  The Christmas tree struck and struck hard, slapping Marash Girl across the face as she tried to dismantle its necklace, its needles scratching the whites and the cornea of her left eye.  Had it really been that happy in Marash Girl's living room, enjoying the love of the family that gathered around it, the twinkle of the colored lights it wore for a necklace, the promise of all those candy canes decorating its arms, just waiting to be consumed?  The tree must have had an overabundance of ethylene in its system as it dropped very few needles, and was always happy as long as it could stay snug in the corner of its new abode, a Victorian living room dating back to 1870.

The day after Armenian Christmas, the Christmas Tree that fought back and lost.
Next year, after Armenian Christmas, Marash Girl will be sure to wear protective eye goggles when she tries to remove the tree and set it out to be recycled.  And perhaps next year, rather than travel all the way to Ocean Lake in Wyoming for fishes to gather and find protection and peace in its limbs, it may find its way to the bottom of a Massachusetts lake where it will continue to provide joy to families, but in its new iteration, provide succor to families of fishes.


  1. Here in Glendale, California, I persuaded my family to bring home a smaller Christmas tree. It required fewer lights, fewer ornaments and therefore fewer boxes of decorations opened. It was also much easier to get out of the house!

    I always wrap as much of the tree as possible in an old sheet before carrying it out. This minimizes pine needles that need to be vacuumed up inside, or pulled off clothing...shake out the sheet outside when done.