Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cincinnati Ed meets Newton Corner

Heading for her morning walk at the Y, Marash Girl saw the man that she thought was the builder for the new duplex growing up next to the Y track.  "Are those garages at the front of the house?" she asked the man that she thought was the builder.  "Yes, I suppose so.  I was just walking around looking at this structure.  I'm a builder staying over there at the hotel, just taking a walk, and I saw this going up.  I was surprised.  All the lumber is helter skelter. In Cincinnati, I make sure that when my men are building a house, they put the lumber in neat stacks."

Ed from Cincinnati grew up on a 100 acre farm where they raised cattle, hay and corn.  His father, now 93, gifted him 5 acres where he and his wife built a house and brought up their kids who are now in college.  After eyeing the lumber from the construction of the new house going up on Richardson Street (see Marash Girl --http://marashgirl.blogspot.com/2013/05/through-chain-link-fence.html),   Marash Girl took Ed for a tour of the Newton Corner mansions during which Ed pointed out many a detail (matching slate, non-matching grout, etc.) that would help date the structures.  An instructive morning, and all before 7 AM.


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