Monday, July 22, 2013

You can help build a community kitchen!

Always taking on the seemingly impossible, always   seeking ways in which  to help build community, Marash Girl's daughter Lorig has been working towards creating a shared use community kitchen in Takoma Park, Maryland, a kitchen that would make it possible for local groups to produce food and food products in an effort to support worthy causes. [community commercial kitchen is a shared resource for safe preparation of food for sale at farmers markets and retail outlets and for distribution to shelters and to needful neighbors. Community commercial kitchens (CCKs) provide economic opportunity and play a vital service role.] She and her fellow community members have found a church willing to donate its kitchen, and together they have raised $343,000 in funds for the kitchen's renovation. Their need?  Another $31,000. In order to raise that $31,000, and call attention to the funds needed to complete this worthy project, Lorig has decided to race in an ultra-marathon trail run – 31 miles on hilly trails with roots and rocks. Impossible to run such an uphill race, you say? Impossible to raise such an uphill amount of money, you say? Not if Marash Girl's good readers and friends will help to support Lorig's and the community's efforts. Here’s the video in which Lorig talks about the project.  Watch it and learn about community kitchens and how you can support this effort. I support this initiative, and I hope you will also. 


  1. Nothing is impossible. It's just a question of where to start.

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