Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MGM offers gambling, jobs and entertainment for the family, or so think those demonstrating in the streets of downtown Springfield, Massachusetts yesterday.

In a city where strip clubs are the main source of entertainment, MGM offers the hope of instant riches, jobs for the jobless, and family fun, or so think the families demonstrating yesterday at the corner of Harrison and Main Streets in the heart of downtown Springfield, Massachusetts.
The little boy on the left holds a sign he made that reads, "Vote 4 our future!" When Marsh Girl asked his mother, "So, are you going to take your son gambling?"  His mother laughed and answered, "When he gets old enough!"
"Entertainment for the family," this young woman assured Marash Girl.
(Marash Girl wonders what Mr. Rogers would have said about that.) 
"Why would you vote for MGM opening a casino in Springfield," asked Marash Girl of this fellow . . .
"Why wouldn't you?" was his answer.  "Jobs, jobs and more jobs! That's why!"
"Vote Yes for Springfield - MGM Springfield, Tuesday, July 16"

A casino that will save the city . . .  that will provide jobs for the folks who live in a city that was already depressed when a tornado wreaked physical devastation two years ago, and a gas explosion further destroyed downtown Springfield a year ago. . . What is Marash Girl's opinion?  An old joke (sorry, but it's politically incorrect) comes to mind . . .
The rooster says, "Cock-a-doodle doo."
The Yankee says, "Yankee Doodle doo,"
And the old maid says, "Any old dude'll do!"

Today the City of Springfield will decide.
                                                                              Photo Credits: Marash Girl


  1. Its not going to bring value to our city. Its hear to rob and take away from us. We dont need this we need more prayers.

    Carlos from Springfield

  2. Se va a perder el tiempo porque aportará la prostitución, las drogas y las personas están más propensas a jugar y tener una adicción al juego. Se va a destruir las familias y los niños van a sufrir las consecuencias.

  3. Any aspiring Pawn Shop owners out there? Here's your chance! If Springfield approves the Casino, then in about a year's time, the downtown Springfield area will need a few more pawn shops for all the desperate people who will need to pawn their goods, so that they can get one more attempt at the slot machine, table games or whatever their game of choice is. How sad.

  4. Concerned mom of SpringfieldJuly 16, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    How can Springfield residents be so gullible, so many smart people where born here. We all want a quick fix to our financial problems and we (people in Springfield)think this is going to happen by bringing in a MGM casino. If we expect something great to happen we need to do our part to clean up Springfield. Bringing in this casino will raise our taxes, increase our electricity usage in turn increasing our bills, invite crime from other cities,there will be more home invasion, more poverty, and I mean the list goes on. Why cant we see that a quick fix is never really a good long term solution. I hate to put it in this term but " the devil never wears horns and a red tail".