Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The one-armed bandit . . . I mean basket!

The one-armed bandit . . . Whoops -- got caught in the Springfield MGM casino battle . . . I mean basket!

So there they were at a Cape Cod yard sale when Marash Girl spotted this beautiful basket -- a one-armed, one-handled basket . . .
She had never before seen a basket with one handle on only one side  (except, of course for the baskets for mail that one hangs on the front porch, but this one was too big for that . . .)  -- how beautiful -- and it was only 10 cents!  "I'll take that," she grinned.  And purchase it she did!

Admiring it on the way home, she pondered aloud to her friend Joan, "I've never seen a one-armed basket --  a basket with a handle on only one side.  It's beautiful.  I wonder what it could be used for..."

"Oh, that's not a single-handled basket . . . the other handle just broke off . . . see here?"

Marash Girl wished the riddle had not been solved; she was a lot happier considering the many possibilities for her newly acquired single-handled basket . . .

And while she's on the subject of baskets . . .  did you know that woven baskets are ALWAYS hand made?  At least that's what her friend Shirley who lives in East Longmeadow     (she and her husband make EVERYTHING by hand, except baskets . . .)  told Marash Girl one day in the not so distant past:
"There is no such thing as a non-handmade basket.  They're all handmade."


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