Friday, July 12, 2013

Sculptor of Boston Common's Ducklings dines at the Karoun Restaurant

Nancy Schon at the Karoun (Armenian) Restaurant, Newtonville, Massachusetts        Photo Credit: Marash Girl
If you were listening to WBUR yesterday, you may have heard the interview with Nancy Schon, the sculptor who sculpted the ducklings that wander across the Boston Common (after the book, Make Way for Ducklings, written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey, a children's picture book set in Boston, first published in 1941). 

It was quite a surprise to meet the personable Schon last night at the Karoun (Armenian) Restaurant in Newtonville.  Overhearing that Marash Girl was a regular at the restaurant, Schon introduced herself (not as the sculptor, of course) as a long-time resident, born and bred in Newton!  When Marash Girl asked Schon if she knew Marash Girl's father Peter (Newtonville Electric Company in Newtonville),  Schon said she wasn't sure, but added that Schon's father was Quint Florist in Newton Centre.  It turned out that their fathers were very good friends back in the day!  

Schon's studio is in Newtonville, the birthplace of those little ducklings, and Marash Girl's birthplace as well!


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