Sunday, July 21, 2013

Larry's PX, Route 28, Chatham, Massachusetts

Larry's PX opens mornings at 5 AM, a breakfast/lunch place that the locals and the fisherman enjoy daily.  This morning,  Marash Girl wandered in at around 5:30 AM, sat herself down on one of the vinyl covered stools at the formica counter, and ordered a mug of coffee.  All around her, the men were holding forth in conversation.  From them, Marash Girl learned that there are 5,000 Native Americans in New England, and 5 tribes.  The fellow giving this information had met the chief of one of the tribes who, he was surprised to learn, was a woman.  He went on to say that his grandchildren just left, but another passel of grandchildren were arriving today, and because there was no room left in his house, his nephew was holing up in his neighbor's attic.  "Your rates must be good," his friend commented.


  1. To whom "we're open" sign is sorrow, what must "we're closed" sign be? Just wandering.

    1. They're closed sign, no doubt, reads, "Gone fishing!"