Sunday, July 7, 2013

Leather Jackets & Motorcycles in Springfield, Massachusetts

Kenar tries on a black leather jacket for her ride through the corridors of the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts!
Remember 7th Grade? Mugsy McGovern? Reed Murphy? Wolfie Boven and the gang? That's where Marash Girl first experienced black leather jackets, "DA's" and gangs!  Years later, (that is, on July 5, 2013), she was allowed to try on one of those black leather jackets and hop on one of those bikes!  As she couldn't take a picture of herself, Marash Girl photographed Kenar (see above) who apparently in her youth rode up and down Monson Road in Wilbraham, on the back of an Indian Motorcycle, one of the motorcycles built at the Indian Motorcycle factory in Springfield, Massachusetts, while the "tester" tested the latest model of the Indian Motorcycle on the S curves of that road, the S curves that have long since been eradicated.  As her sister wrote after seeing the photo, "Fantastic!!!  She looks great!  Better than riding and hanging on the back of a young guy testing Indians up and down the S curve in Wilbraham back during WW II."

Check out the exhibit -- it's worth the trip to the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield, Massachusetts, and don't forget your camera!

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  1. Nice photo! I hope Kenar drove carefully through the museum!