Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cash or Credit?

Marash Girl began chatting with Pat (the Sales Person at Nordstrom Rack's check out counter) after she heard Pat comment, "It's gonna be one of those days again!"  Marash Girl really sympathizes with anyone in retail during the days of 'after Christmas' returns, so she engaged Pat in conversation.

"Do you think anyone uses cash anymore?" Marash Girl asked.  "Not many," Pat replied.  "Usually only visitors from other countries use cash. . .  Funny you should ask, because the other day I saw two little boys -- I think they were around six years old -- the boys were playing cops and robbers -- I haven't seen that for a long time!  At any rate,  I heard one little boy say to the other, 'Stick 'em up.  Now hand over all your credit cards!'"  

Here endeth the humor for the day!


  1. Marko Pasha says; I use cash most of the time., but then again as everyone knows, I am "ajemi", luddite, al antico, and probably a visitor from another country.
    In Hopkinton our neighbors were the Connolly who had an appliance business. Tom Connolly once commented that he loved the Portuguese in Milford because they were all "cash on the barrel head". I used to know a certain Levon who bought a used Cadillac from
    Hallisy Ford in Lowell paying cash. He was known after that as "Cadillac Levon".

  2. One of my favorite sayings: Cash is King.