Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh Celery Leaves, Newtonville Style

Celery leaves? you ask . . . Marash Girl's earliest memory of celery was watching her father eating the celery starting from the dark green leaves and down -- he's eating the celery backwards, she used to think.  And the leaves are so bitter . . . . how can he do that? 

Do you remember those celery leaf fights, Marash Girl asked her sister last night . . . 

They don't even sell long celery with leaves down here in Texas, her sister answered, as Marash Girl pictured the plastic wrapped leaves-chopped-off celery that appears in most supermarkets . . .

Celery leaf fights were such a fun way to dissipate disagreements, chasing each other around the house splashing wet celery leaves at each other as if we were enthusiastic priestesses blessing one another with holy water, laughing hysterically as we ran the circle of the house from hallway to living room to dining room to kitchen to hallway and around again.  

Yesterday evening, eating fresh baby celery (taken from the center of the bunch of celery --  Marash Girl's favorite) from the yellow leaves down, Marash Girl thought back to those early days and smiled . . .


  1. Marko Pasha remembers.. Doc Brown's Celery Tonic,
    a celery flavored soft drink. It was only available in New York, not here. My father remembered it from when he was a kid in N.Y.
    I was never big on vegetables but I did like the flavor of Doc Brown's.

  2. An updated note on celery leaves: Marash Boy would love it when Medzmama (his mother) would chop up celery leaves and, just before serving, sprinkle the leaves on top of broth or light soup.