Thursday, January 19, 2012

More on Pudd

In response to a special request from one of Marash Girl's readers, here's a bit more on Pudd .

Pudd was beautiful.  Pudd was aloof.  Pudd was regal.  We loved her and she loved us, but she was distant and never showed her affection.  Because of her response to folks, we always knew who didn't like cats, who was allergic to cats.  

Pudd would never jump on any of our laps, she would never allow us to pet her for very long, but often, when we had guests, she would hand select, or rather paw select a particular guest, go  directly to that guest, jump onto his/her lap, and snuggle up.  I would look at our guest and ask, "Are you allergic to cats?"  The answer was invariably, "Yes!"

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  1. Yup Pud sounds like she was a REAL Cat.