Monday, January 2, 2012


Dating back to the 18th Century, the Tavern at the Publick House on Route 20 (earlier known as the Boston Road) in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, was the place of choice yesterday, where family East of Sturbridge met family West of Sturbridge for lunch on New Year's Day.  
 The perfect setting for New Year's Day, to be in the past, as it were, looking forward to the future, the Tavern provided an exquisite variety of luncheon options from the lightest of salads to the sturdiest of hot meals.  And, (Marashmellow Fluff, take note,) the clam chowder was to die for --  a compliment not to be taken lightly from this connoisseur of New England clam chowders! 

Returning East after lunch in Karoun's bright yellow mini-Cooper, Marash Girl could not help but notice the dark and gloomy traffic driving west.  Dark and gloomy, you ask?  Yes, if you would consider black and gray dark and gloomy.  The cars heading west were black or gray, with the occasional maroon car thrown in for good measure.  And this went on for as long as Marash Girl cared to notice.  Couldn't be!  The experience brought to mind the 1940's when (almost) all cars in Massachusetts were black.  It wasn't until the influence of sunny California in the 1950's when the East Coasters began to have the courage to experience the joy of color in their cars.  [Back in the day, even Marash Girl drove a yellow automobile!]

What has happened to us?  Does our choice of color in automobiles reflect our view of life as we have come to know it?


  1. Mine is yellow! What yellow car did you have? I think it's an interesting question...

  2. @KarounMarash Girl drove a yellow Ford with white trim, chrome strips and fins; it was born sometime in the 1950's!