Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turkish Prime Minister says French Bill on Genocide Denial is 'Racist'

In response, Marash Girl asks, "What could be more 'racist' than snuffing out (to put it mildly) the lives of 1.5 million Armenians?"


  1. what could be more racist? how about the murder of 2 million armenians, a number arrived at when the genocide of 1895 is included. what could be more racist? how about the denial of the two genocides? how about the rewriting of the histories to make it look like the turks were defending themselves against armenians whom they had already disarmed in 1907? how about the kindred spirit of Adolf Hitler who could point to the armenian genocide as a forgotten affair, an affair the world had put aside after enough time had passed, enough time for him to assure his Waffen SS generals they had nothing to be alarmed over his order to wipe out the Polish Jews, first in the Warsaw ghetto,then all of Poland, then all over Europe? what could be more racist than invading the hearts of little children with the spear head of terror and hatred at the mere uttering of the word 'turk'. what could be more racist? the fact the turks have learned nothing in 100 years; when they invaded Cyprus, in the early 1970's, they positioned loudspeakers to hurl invective across the divide to the Greek side of the island. these loudspeakers were their terror weapon which promised to do to the Greeks what they had done before to the Greek population when the Greeks were still under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. what could be more racist than to brag about and anticipate the raping of women and the slaughter of children and the cry of old men? what could be more racist? Indeed.

    1. Marko Pasha adds...If you want to write a complete and unabridged catalogue of atrocities committed by the Turks then don't forget their treatment of the Kurds, the Balkan nationalities, the Assyrians,really of all or most of the people who were their subjects.