Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pambook Jack and the Protestants!

Attending the Armenian Women's Interdemoniational Fellowhip yesterday, and watching one of the women open her Bible to I Peter, the Bible reading for the day, reminded Marash Girl of a story her father used to love to tell.

Lousavorchigans are true believers; Poghokagans don't even believe their minister, and I can prove it to you, God dammit! Pambook Jack announced one day.

How can you prove it, Pambook Jack?

Whenever the Armenian Priest reads from the Bible in the Loousavorchigan Church, the people listen and believe, Pambook Jack proudly stated, but whenever the Protestant minister reads from the Bible, the people open their Bibles to check and make sure that their minister is telling the truth!

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  1. i told that story a couple of months ago in one of my comments on your blog!