Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Chistmas Eve Tale, 1968, Charlestown, Massachusetts

It was Christmas Eve and the bars were full of sad-eyed men  . . .
 a local charity had purchased a truck load of turkeys to distribute among the poor, to give to the men so that they would have something to take home for Christmas dinner . . .But the men were too proud to take charity.

So Marash Girl's friend, John Powers, came up with a ruse that worked. . .

He walked into the neighborhood bars and whispered that he had a truckload of hot turkeys that he had to unload, and unload fast!

Within 15 minutes, the truck was empty, and the bars were empty.  The men who were sad-eyed, leaning against the bar, were now grinning from ear to ear, pleased to be carrying home a turkey, a turkey they had paid for, a turkey for their family to eat on Christmas Day.


  1. Contrast that story with marash girl's father who would never have bought goods he knew to be stolen. his identity was never wrapped up in what could be wrapped up. he was a man of faith, and it was faith that carried his mother and his siblings through the great divide of death and resurrection. throughout all the violence, mayhem and disassociation, his mother, Yepros, never wavered in her faith and the confidence of her family's deliverance. The family's salvation was a reminder of the verse that those who pursue God diligently are rewarded. She forbade 'cleverness' as she was not one to live by her 'wits', but by God's grace, knowing that that the latter was iresistable.

  2. What a wonderful, creative way to give a little pride back to the sad-eyed men of Charlestown.