Monday, December 23, 2013


Last week, Marash Girl wrote about the Nativity Scene in Newton Corner that she and her family have been enjoying for years. []

Front page of Newton Tab, Dec. 18, 2013
A week ago, in its December 18th issue, The Newton Tab wrote of the same scene but what they wrote was a bit unsettling . . . It took Marash Girl a while to decide whether or not to comment, as she eschews negativity . . . but here, at last, is her comment.

The headlines on the NEWTON TAB on December 18, 2013, read, "CHRISTMAS DISPLAY ELICITS ANGRY LETTER"; reading on in the article, we learn that an anonymous letter was written to the Newton, Massachusetts, displayer of Christmas fun. That an open display of a religious nature on private property could be offensive enough to write an anonymous letter to the owner of the display is surprising in this city in this century  . . .

Thinking back, though, even royalty took offense at the birth of an innocent babe, and later the public took offense at the very same babe grown to be a man . . .  and crucified him.  But then that story comes later . . . in about 4 months.

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  1. Why on earth should that angry letter be surprising? War has been waged since the very beginning against God and his creation. The story in Genesis and how Adam and Eve were deceived and fell to the temptation of becoming like unto God, was not the first salvo against the Lord of Creation. The first salvo was when Lucifer so filled with himself, and therefore, self-deception, that he rebelled against the very one who had created him. imagine the Creature deceiving himself so completely that he presumed he could be as that which had created him. the modern day delusion, filled with self, deign to promote the idea that nothing could create something. now there is a head full, head trip, if there ever was one. Our war is not against flesh and blood, but against wickedness, against principalities of power and spirit, and so, that same Serpent power of delusion which was profound enough to make the Serpent think he could win against his Creator is still at work today. the Evil One could never have been as successful as he has been in deceiving others unless he had mastered the art of self-deception. He was so good at it that he took 1/3 of the angelic beings with him, ultimately, straight to hell. so, what are we to do with this poor begotten soul in the grips of the deceiver himself? we do not just write letters, which is laudatory, admittedly, but we, as an act of loving our neighbor as ourselves, pray for that person who has chosen the losing side, a side which ends badly, a side which ends. We are called to love our enemies, and to pray for those who spitefully hurt us. That would include cowards, as the angry letter writer above clearly is, given the anonymity. So, let us get on our knees and intercede on the behalf of that letter writer and pray. in the end, assuredly, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) is Lord. Some will do it out of reverential worship, others will do it out of being judged. it is for us the living, to pray for the former to occur.