Monday, December 30, 2013

Post-Christmas Feast

  Squirrel feasting on Marash Girl's Christmas Eve Boulghour Pilaf
(Can you see the squirrel sitting on the far upper edge of the zinc tub, 
the orange mound of boulghour in the tub nearer the viewer?)

Photo taken with an iPhone camera by Karoun through the dining room screened window on the day after Christmas


  1. Long after the last time grandma’s pockets were emptied into the hands of Ronnie and Joyce; and when they were old enough no longer to bound over the stone wall for candy, but, instead, into their convertibles for an afternoon spin or an evening dance; and harvest had followed upon harvest; and our orchard had grown smaller, and the trees larger; and in that month when the rainbow of summer had fallen to earth in the leaves of autumn and blades of grass were no longer being made pregnant with dew, but, instead, were filled with the promise of frost and paralysis; and on that day when the cavity of late afternoon threatened thunder, our fruit trees witnessed the beginning of the wars with the shadow tails of grey.

    1. great piece of writing!

  2. Hey Karoun,
    Beautiful photo, just like you.
    uncle J